Contractors License #905209
Tuff Corners

A few years ago the Director of Engineering for La Quinta Resort & Spa contacted us and told us about this ongoing problem they had been having in their banquet areas. Unfortunately, they were frequently having to replace the corners of their baseboards because they were constantly damaged by food & beverage carts and other objects that were hitting and rubbing the corners and baseboards of the walls. 

We asked them for a sample of undamaged pieces of their baseboard so that we could fabricate a perfect 90 degree corner out of a more durable material. After molding our prototype, we sampled many different mixes of plastics and urethanes until we came up with the perfect mix of a semi flexible durable urethane. Behold, the Tuff Corner was born.

Primers and paints stick to our Tuff Corners just as if they were made from the original material. These custom fabricated pieces can be cut on a chop saw, pre drilled and screwed or liquid nailed to a surface. Since the Tuff Corner is one piece and pre-fitted, installation is a snap. Our Tuff Corners take the guess work out of molding installation, and because they are semi flexible they can conform to walls that are not perfect.

Another benefit of Tuff Corners is that they can be custom tinted to any color.  It is helpful when the intrinsic base color is similar to the outer paint because if the paint is scratched the damage is less visible.  If your tile has a grout line that is similar to the grout lines shown below, we can also fabricate those as well.