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Custom Furniture

Each resort has its own special look and feel. Custom furniture is a great way to set your resort or hotel apart from the competition. First Resort Solutions designs custom furniture using only the finest materials and the highest quality craftsmanship. Our furniture is guaranteed to capture the uniqueness of your establishment.
YAMAGUCHI SALON- This beautifully crafted manicure station was made out of rock maple and specifically designed for the Yamaguchi Salon which is located at the La Quinta Resort and Club in La Quinta California. We also designed a similar station for the Yamaguchi Salon at Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa. The station for Rancho Las Palmas had the same design, but was made from birch to capture the essence of that particular resort.
Custom Furniture Fabrication
REFRESHMENT CENTERS- We fabricated approximately 50 of these custom made refreshment centers for the La Quinta Resort and Club. This four drawer piece has shelf space for dry goods and room for a small refrigerator. Because it was custom made for the La Quinta Resort and Club, you will not find a refreshment center like it at any other resort in the world.
Room Amenities
LA QUINTA BELL-HOP DESK- This custom made mahogany bell hop desk was fabricated using the utmost care and craftsmanship. We designed this piece from the ground up to fit the unique needs of La Quinta’s bell-hop staff. After producing renderings approved by the resort’s management, we constructed this highly detailed piece of furniture in a matter of weeks. The decorative stars were handmade to fit the décor of other doors and pieces of furniture in the resort. This piece was faux antiqued and finished with a variety of oils.
Furniture Design
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Custom Hotel Furniture
Resort Furniture
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Wall Inserts
Resort Construction
WALL INSERTS- Room renovations are an expensive necessity to the resort industry. Custom wall inserts can help ease the financial burden. They are designed to be easily inserted in the wall to replace costly reframing and drywall charges. They can be custom designed to fit your specifications and needs.
Custom Fabrication
VESPA - A giant Vespa, which was constructed for a photo shoot for Old Navy Clothing Co. This was constructed from lumber around a welded steel frame and painted with acrylic lacquers.
Custom Fabrication Wood Work
TELEPHONE- Again, for Old Navy Clothing Co., a phone which was sculpted by hand from urethane foam and hard coated with joint compound. The numbers were machined out of acrylic.
Resort Props
DOOR HANDLES- Designers choice of metal door handles did not suit the environment. The problem was that in the dead heat of summer the metal handles (from outside) were too hot to handle.  Our solution was to cut out the center portion of the handle that the hand came in contact with and replace it with a lathe turned piece of hard wood stained to match the door and securing back to original mounting points.
Custom Fabrication Wood Working
MARLIN - This marlin was made for a Sears television commercial. It was painted with an air brush to give it the look of an authentic marlin. The marlin itself was constructed out of fiberglass so it not only looked great, but it was durable as well.
Fiberglass Construction
MORNING GLORY FLOWERS - These custom fabricated flowers were made for Disneyland.  They were constructed of flame retardant, vacuum formed plastic, which was painted and dressed on aluminum armature wire.
Resort Props
SORCERER HAT LAMPSHADE - This hat is one of many that was constructed for Disneyland. They were made from a fire and heat resistant material because they where used as lampshades. Aircraft paint was used to give the hat a high gloss durable finish.
Resort Props
Custom Ironwork/Metal Fabrication
Custom Ironwork
CUSTOM IRONWORK- Our fabrication staff takes pride in its creativity. These customized frames are great examples of the quality of work done by First Resort Solutions. We can fabricate iron and weld frames to accommodate a number of items such as artwork, pictures and mirrors. Custom ironwork also makes great wall decorations for the rooms in a resort.
Custom Ironwork