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Faux work is a technique used to make objects appear to be made of materials that they are not.  For example, we can make a drywall surface look as if it was stone. We can also match ornamental objects to existing ones or to a desired material such as granite, wood, or marble.

We will do our best to supply our clientele with custom samples in the most cost effective and timely fashion.

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Number Two Parchment
Copper Wash
Caesar Stone
Custom Faux Finishing Sample
Custom Faux Finishing Sample
Custom Faux Finishing Sample
Custom Faux Finishing Sample
Custom Faux Finishing Sample
Custom Faux Finishing Sample
Artifact and Relic Repair
Statue Repair
LA QUINTA CONQUISTADORS- These Spanish Guards are prominently displayed at the front entrance of the La Quinta Resort and Club in Palm Desert. Unfortunately, the elements took their toll on these precious antique statues and they needed to be repaired. It was our job to repair and refurbish the first thing people see when they pull up to the resort. Because first impressions are so important, a high attention to detail on this project was imperative. First Resort Solutions repaired and re-sculpted the broken portions of these two statues and repainted them using a variety of faux techniques.
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Sculptor: Mark Wahlberg

Sculpture Bronze

Sculptor: Wayne Strong

Here are a few examples of past sculpting jobs which include a ten-foot statue of Jon Voight for the movie Varsity Blues (see left). All of the sculpting for this job was done by hand, using photographs of the actor. No life casting of the actor was required. We believe that the finished product speaks for itself. 

The bust sculptures to the left were for the television show, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” These pieces were also sculpted by hand using only photographs. This project was accomplished by using a clay sculpture, casting it in fiberglass, mounting it on a pedestal and finally painting it to look marble. 

The Capri Sun sand sculpture below, required a life casting of a twelve year old boy. After the life casting was complete, a silicone mold was made, which allowed us to cast the figure likeness in fiberglass. The fiberglass casting was then coated with beach sand to give the effect of a sand sculpture.

This large ampersand, was used in an AT&T television commercial. It was freehand sculpted from foam, coated in polyester resin, textured and painted. This long process, made this sculpture appear to be bronze when it, in fact, was made out of foam. This large sculpture weighed less than 100 pounds.

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Themed Attractions
Themed Attractions, Faux
LA ZOO EXHIBIT- First Resort Solutions worked in collaboration with the Los Angeles Zoo’s Senior Animal Keeper and Supervisor of Herpetology, on ideas for many of their animal exhibits and displays, resulting in scenic background and foreground applications using water based paints and organic materials to give the feel and look of a comfortable environment to which the animals are indigenous.
Themed Attractions Design
Studio City Tattoo and renowned tattoo artist, Clay Clement, called upon us to assist in designing and fabricating props and furniture for his tattoo shop. We wanted to create a tropical atmosphere for the studio. The fabrication included an 18 foot front counter faced in four-inch diameter bamboo and trimmed with two-inch diameter bamboo around corners, with a cobblestone grouted counter top. The counter top was constructed around a wooden 2 x 4 frame. All doorways were trimmed in bamboo and many miscellaneous props were used for a wall display.

Themed Attractions Fabrication
MORNING GLORY FLOWERS - These custom fabricated flowers were made for Disneyland. They were constructed of flame retardant, vacuum formed plastic, which was painted and dressed on aluminum armature wire.

Themed Attractions Fabrication
SORCERER HAT LAMPSHADE - This hat is one of many that was constructed for Disneyland. They were made from a fire and heat resistant material because they where used as lampshades. Aircraft paint was used to give the hat a high gloss durable finish.
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LA QUINTA HISTORY ROOM- Opening its doors in 1926, the La Quinta Resort and Club has had many prominent guests. The resort’s management entrusted First Resort Solutions with the job of helping them display and share some of La Quinta’s rich history with their guests. We redesigned the entire room, faux finished the walls and passageways, purchased furniture and picture frames and custom designed and fabricated a number of wrought iron frames to display three Diego Riviera lithographs.
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